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    Manganese Bronze
    Super Alloy 2.0

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    We have standardized the upper end for the valve stem seal. It will be automatically configured to your chosen valve stem diameter and fits perfectly with our Viton seals and Elring products. Should you still prefer your own contour, please contact us by e-mail or give us a call.

    Available materials

    *Manganese Bronze

    Very high quality alloy for both motorsport as well as for long-term use. High strength, even at high temperatures. Good dry running properties and thermal conductivity characteristics makes this material the first choice for high performance cars.


    Beryllium – like alloy for demanding applications in motorsports.
    Compared to the Manganese Bronze this material conducts three times the heat and is therefore ideally suited for blown racing engines.
    Resistant to methanol, ethanol and all types of racing fuel.